Thermobag Plus


The New Fast Plasma Bag Defroster

It is a simple and fully automatic instrument able to defrost plasma bags at a controlled temperature.

It doesn't use dedicated solutions, but only distilled water.





Defrosting in only 25 minutes!

Thanks to the large tank and to the maintenance of the temperature at 37°C, the Thermobag Plus concludes a defrosting process in just 25 minutes and in a homogeneous way.

Various customized programs are available, based on the times and type of bags used.




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Quick insertion of the bags

It is extremely easy and fast to insert blood or plasma bags inside the instrument
(max 4 bags of 700 mL).

For safety, the plasma bags are placed inside special bags that protect the contents and any spills




Traceability and connection to the LIS

The Thermobag Plus pays particular attention to traceability.

Thanks to the network socket, the instrument can be connected to the laboratory
management system (optional) and to the teleassistance. 

Furthermore, the barcode reader allows the operator to read the barcode placed on
the bag and write it on the label with the defrosting cycle data.

Finally, the USB ports allows you to download the data of the various bag defrosting processes.

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Recirculation of decontaminated water

 Thanks to the modern and innovative UVLED lamps, the water is
continuously decontaminated.

Advantages: always clean water, avoiding waste and the formation of annoying
bacterial forms on the surface.


Discover the new 3D video dedicated to the Thermobag Plus and contact us for a Live Virtual Demo!


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