Tissue Vacuum - 3962

Tissue Vacuum: features

The Tissue Vacuum is a vacuum transport system for histological samples with bags.

The new Tissue Vacuum is able, by means of ultra-vacuum technology, to eliminate formalin and all the problems related to it.

After excision, the surgical pieces are placed inside some pouches that are placed in the instrument.

Here, thanks to the vacuum technology, the bags are closed and heat sealed by the welding bar.

The bags are equipped with "Biohazard" symbols in accordance with the law and a document pocket where patient documentation can be inserted.

The Tissue Vacuum is supplied with a touchscreen tablet that allows you to take advantage of all the available programs created ad hoc to optimize your work.

It is also possible to choose the language you prefer.

Thanks to the tablet programs, the unit always extracts the right amount of air based on the type and weight of the sample.

This means that the fabrics are not dried or contaminated.

Everything is therefore conditioned by strong safety and ease of use.

The Tissue Vacuum is available in two versions which differ in the worktop:

  • standard (3962) - worktop made up of two HDPE filling boards.
  • with cavity (5072) - work surface formed by a cavity to be able to contain more voluminous surgical pieces.
3962 TissueVacuum (strumento)   1pcs
5072 Tissue Vacuum with cavity   1pcs
4584 Bags for TissueVacuum 220 x 310 h 2.3 L 200pcs
3963 Bags for TissueVacuum 320 x 430 h 7,5 L 200pcs
3964 Bags for TissueVacuum 340 x 360 h 6 L 200pcs
4585 Bags for TissueVacuum 340 x 550 h 10 L 200pcs
4094 Charcoal filter (spare)   1pcs
5000 HEPA filter (spare)   1pcs
2731 Optical reader for Tissue Vacuum   1 pcs
5123 thermal printer for Tissue Vacuum   1 pcs
5124 Adhesive roll for thermal printer   1 pcs

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