Exhale 3000 : goodbye biological waste

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Thanks to the new containment system, trated hospital waste will no longer be a problem!



In hospitals, the management of biological waste has always been a serious problem.

Health workers can make contact with toxic and carcinogenic substances, such as formaldehyde and all the volatile substances present in toxic waste.

Currently the management of biological waste is dealt with the extractor hoods for liquids and the normal cartons for toxic noxious.



The Exhale 3000 hospital waste trolley is the perfect solution for managing solid and liquid biological waste.

It is equipped with an aspiration system, filters and UV lamps.

Thanks to the battery, it can be used and transported continuously for over 8 hours.



  • Management of biological waste solid and liquid
  • Long term battery 
  • Silent
  • Easy to use and to transport
  • Equipped with HEPA and F2 filters for Formaldehyde



The basic configuration of the Exhale is designed for solid waste.

An easy door placed in the upper part of the trolley simplifies the insertion of solid biological
waste in safety and speed modality.

Its configuration constantly grants the protection of the operator, even if the door remains open.

The containers for hazardous waste used in the hospitals (max 60 liters) can be placed inside the trolley.

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Manual LIQUID Waste

The manual configuration is equipped with a sink connected directly to the tank which is designed to contain toxic waste.

In this way, fumes inside the laboratory are avoided.

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Automatic LIQUID Waste

The automatic configuration allows to aspirate and convey dangerous toxic liquids directly into the tank placed inside the aspirated chamber.

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