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Shelves Kit for EXHALE 3000

Shelves Kit for EXHALE 3000 


The new update for the safe transport of dangerous material




The Exhale 3000 can be used also for the safe transport of containers filled with dangerous material, avoiding the accidental leak.


New Shelves Kit



Safe transport is guaranteed by the installation of a Kit, including 3 internal perforated shelves, composed by a base shelf and 2 height-adjustable shelves

The system is also equipped with a recovery tank in the low part.


Easy insertion of containers



The containers can be insert by the left side door or from the upper sliding door, for small containers.


Filtered aspiration for safe transport



The instrument works with a battery, which guarantee the filtered aspiration of any fumes released inside the instrument during the transport.


Customizable shelves



The shelves are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and can be adjusted to different heights.
At the base, the perforated top allows the liquid to be conveyed into the collection tank.
Auxiliary sockets are available for the installation of sensors for detecting the liquid in the collection tank and/or any accidental exhalations.


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