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An extensive catalogue, consistently high availability, and punctuality in supplies: here are the cornerstones on which Kaltek bases its business, thus becoming the best partner for many companies operating in the hospital sector.

A wide range of products characterises Kaltek's offer, with different lines designed to meet the needs of each customer, always guaranteeing the highest quality standards.


Kaltek offers products for full support to every professional in the histological examinations field. The company provides solutions ranging from the possibility of purchasing the reagents to the tools necessary for conservation.

The range includes all the instruments necessary to carry out different activities and solutions for samples storage, antibodies for diagnostics, and surgical tools.

Kaltek Istologia
Kaltek Sicurezza


Kaltek cares about the needs and safety of healthcare professionals. We were pioneers in the protection of healthcare workers from Formaldehyde. Every day we create INNOVATION to make SAFETY and SIMPLICITY applied to the work of healthcare professionals.


Kaltek's range includes products specifically designed for the Gynecology sector. High-quality solutions standards are available to every healthcare facility or field professional. Slides, accessories, swabs, cannulas, and instruments used for endometrial and endocervical sampling and diagnosis are available to meet our customers' needs.

Kaltek Ginecologia
Kaltek Sanitari


Kaltek offers a series of items suitable in all healthcare areas: a wide range of disposable surgical instruments, containers for transport of biological samples, personal protective equipment, and health devices. All product lines are certified and guaranteed, specific to all possible needs.


Kaltek is the ideal partner for all companies operating in laboratory activities in the diagnostic field. The offer includes the latest generation of scientific instruments, including one of the most advanced anti-doping systems, guaranteeing a series of reliable solutions for laboratory items and transport of biological material.

Kaltek Laboratorio
Kaltek Galenica


The company is a point of reference for the activities operating in the galenic field by providing the best preservation systems for preparations, glass, and plastic bottles, bottles for methadone, and ointments, effective closing systems, and fittings produced according to the most up-to-date regulations.

Flea market

Kaltek offers used instruments or ex demo units in like new condition. Contact us for more information!

Flea market

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