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Tissue Vacuum Plus: features

The Tissue Vacuum Plus is a system for the vacuum transport of histological samples through specific containers.

Modified atmosphere packaging, also known as M.A.P. (Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP) is a revolutionary preservation technique.

It consists in removing the air present in the container and replacing it with inert gas (nitrogen), in order to reduce or eliminate the main degradations of the product and thus the vacuum transport of biological samples will be long-lasting and safe.

Following the introduction of new community decrees in the field of operator safety, we have decided to apply this principle in the health / diagnostic sector.

In the specific case, reference is made to the "EU REGULATION N. 605/2014 OF THE COMMISSION OF 5 JUNE 2014" where formalin has been declared carcinogenic.

Thanks to the use of the containers, the operators (both in the operating room and in the histopathology laboratory) are not forced to change their method of transport and management of the surgical findings: in fact the container differs from those in use only for the addition of the oxygen barrier.

This feature allows the samples to be stored without formaldehyde up to 5 days from their excision, allowing the pathologist to manage the fresh sampling and to be able to postpone the fixation.


  • A high percentage of formaldehyde is eliminated in operating theaters;
  • Packaging in M.A.P. offers an optimization in the conservation of the surgical sample while leaving the product unchanged;
  • The transport of histological samples takes place in total safety, avoiding spills of fixative liquid during transport;
  • Accidental splashes due to the opening of the lids are avoided following the cross-check between request and sample;
  • The histopathology laboratory can choose fresh sampling (biobanking) or controlled fixation;
  • A balanced relationship between the operative sample and formaldehyde has been calculated: the hospital that decides to introduce this system for the transport of operative findings can equip the pathological anatomy laboratory with the instrument patented by us "Tissue Filling Plus" (see the dedicated section );
  • Maximum safety is guaranteed in the management of the surgical sample. Containers with symbols in accordance with the law are used.

The instrument is equipped with four swiveling wheels to facilitate handling.

There is also the provision for connecting nitrogen (cylinder or centralized system).

Possibility of connection to the management system.

3900 TissueVacuum Plus 1pcs
4255 Printer 1pcs
3171 Container for Tissue Vacuum Plus (ml. 250) 200pcs
3172 Container for Tissue Vacuum Plus (ml. 500) 150pcs
3177 Container for Tissue Vacuum Plus (ml.3000) 100pcs
3179 Container for Tissue Vacuum Plus (ml.5000) 50pcs
4094 Tissue Safe: carbon filter 1pcs



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