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Tissue filling easy: features

Tissue Filling Easy is an automated formalin filler for histological containers that is able to meet the needs of operating theaters and pathology laboratories!

Our product has a series of features that allow operators to manage histological samples in total safety and simplicity.

Thanks to the numerous filters and the entire system that does not allow exposure or contact with fixatives, the user will always be safe.

Furthermore, thanks to the touchscreen display and the possibility to choose the preferred language, the operator will be easier to use.

The other peculiarities of the tool are:

  • possibility to fill the containers in the 4 types available (minimum 0.5L)
  • equipped with a printer to generate the labels showing the data relating to the filling cycle and any barcode associated with the patient
  • the label, positioned on the hole in the cap, seals the container preventing formalin from escaping
  • connection to the laboratory management system via a network socket

To further improve the safety of our customers, we have thought of different ways to load formalin into the Tissue Filling Easy.

If you want to discover them and go into more detail, write to us and our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions.

Tissue Filling Easy is certified for use outside the hood. Therefore there is no need to expel the fumes to the outside as the values ​​detected at the outlet are well below the limits set by law.

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