Bags for carrying biological material for surgical pieces - 0726

Bags for carrying biological material for surgical pieces

Bags for carrying biological material for surgical pieces: features

Bags for surgical pieces with resealable zipper by pressure obtained in extrusion together with the film.

The height measurement is intended to be useful from the zipper to the bottom of the bag.

Above the hinge there is a band which, according to the format, varies from 13 to 25 mm.

The dimensional tolerances obtainable with respect to the declared normal dimensions may vary by ± 5 mm.

Thickness: 50 µm

Color: transparent neutral

Material: blend of 95% virgin LDPE (low density polyethylene) and 5% virgin LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene).

3255 dim. 50x60 mm 1000pcs
2582 dim. 60x80 mm 1000pcs
0726 dim. 70x100 mm 1000pcs
0727 dim. 70x150 mm 1000pcs
2877 dim. 80x120 mm 1000pcs
3099 dim. 100x100 mm 1000pcs
2701 dim. 100x150 mm 1000pcs
3168 dim. 120x170 mm 1000pcs
0728 dim. 150x150 mm 1000pcs
3505 dim. 150x180 mm 1000pcs
3311 dim. 150x220 mm 1000pcs
4888 dim. 180x200 mm 1000pcs
0729 dim. 180x250 mm 1000pcs
3966 dim. 200x150 mm 1000pcs
2098 dim. 200x300 mm 1000pcs
3117 dim. 200x350 mm 1000pcs
0731 dim. 250x350 mm 1000pcs
0732 dim. 300x400 mm 1000pcs
0441 dim. 300x500 mm 1000pcs
0799 dim. 350x450 mm 1000pcs
0455 dim. 400x500 mm 1000pcs

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