Adjustable and aspirated autopsy table in steel - 3706

Adjustable and aspirated autopsy table in steel

Adjustable and aspirated autopsy table in steel: features

The professional version autopsy table with automatic elevation system is built entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 8/10 and 10/10, suitably reinforced and shaped to make it sturdy, suitable for the use of normal autopsy instruments and the usual products. hygienic cleaning and disinfection, lasting over time.

It consists of a platform with perimeter edging for the containment of sewage suitably inclined and without sharp edges, with particular slopes that allow an easy flow of water towards the drain.

The upper part is made up of a series of removable perforated shelves, which allow the body of the deceased to be supported, the washing water to flow out and the exhausted air to be sucked directly from the top.

The suction takes place thanks to an aspirator integrated into the table and positioned inside the supporting structure, by means of 2 suitably protected ducts ("mushroom") to prevent the infiltration of water.

The air must be expelled externally through a duct to be provided in the room.

The table has a sink with dimensions of 500 x 400 x 250 d. and is equipped with taps with mixer for hot and cold water.

The load-bearing element consists of a central structure totally in stainless steel adequately reinforced for the weight load, equipped with removable panels to allow access to the suction unit and the filtration system.

The platform is fixed directly to an electric linear actuator which allows its elevation from a minimum of 850 mm up to a maximum of 1050 mm.

The operation takes place by means of a special switch with ascent and descent commands.

The table is also equipped with a full-level irrigation system by means of water ejectors placed on the side opposite the drain, an electric shredder-dissipator for crushing and disposing of organic residues, the "Venturi" system hydro-aspirator necessary for cleaning parts. anatomical subjected to autopsy analysis.



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